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Drive Real YouTube Views To Your Videos.

We are the leaders in video marketing with over India's Biggest viral music videos under our belt and over 300 Million organic views delivered to indie & Major artists alike. First thing we do is submit your video to our blog networks and partners. This will build momentum in your video being on the front page of music blogs. We utilize blog promotion and social media sharing to complete your video marketing campaign. Drive real YouTube Views to your video today! 

Music Blog Promotion

We submit your video to our music blog network leading to front page blog placements that will help drive real youtube views to your video leading to overall attention. Most companies only use bots which is why you will see your video only receiving views but it’s important to note that you cannot fake video likes, shares, etc. We drive real youtube views, video likes, social shares, video favorites and more. We guarantee to reach the range of numbers that you order in your video campaign but keep in mind with buying real views we can only encourage people but we cannot force their hand on whether or not they will like your content.

Viral Video Marketing

Kalpaniik Films is leading Music Marketing Agency & Record Label We have had India's Biggest videos go viral under our marketing campaigns over the past 3 years. We truly understand where to place a video with quality content to influence users to view your video as popular. We use calculated strategy and our industry experience to deliver a successful campaign for you to deliver real youtube views. There is no limit to how much traffic we can drive to your video. 

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