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Build Your Brand On Instagram 

Build Your Brand With Instagram Promotion

Being in the music industry you have to break through the noise. Millions of people are trying to make it but most don’t utilize the power of Instagram promotion. Major & Indie artists around the world capitalize on our Instagram promotion that allows them to focus on their content daily while we drive traffic to their account. We have options for everyone! If you just want to get likes per photo or if you want to run targeted traffic campaigns we can get you started! Our Exclusive targeting technology is hands down the best in the music industry! Get Started Today!

Instagram Promotion For Musicians

We have helped many artists build their brand through Instagram promotion and drive massive traffic to help move them into a positive situation. Staying consistent is very important and the more transparent you are the better results you will get! We tell all of our clients to post up to 2-5 times daily in order to achieve optimal results while we are running your Instagram promotion campaigns.


90 percent of clients that start with us on Instagram have been with us since! Our targeting technology gets licensed by the majority of major labels around the world delivering targeted traffic to their artists whether it be zip code, city, state, etc. With our exclusive targeted campaigns we can get very specific to the type of follower you are looking to attract. When you place your order we will be in contact right away to set your campaign up and go over your targets.

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